A new city, a new shop! Griffons Lair’s southern expansion is growing and taking shape. We still have more products to bring in and more to finish in the game room, but there are lots of tables now. We have regular groups for miniatures, RPGs and board games too. We’ve had more and more tournaments and events and more are coming as we expand our repetoire! There are monthly painting classes and biweekly miniature building sessions. We’re a regional game store and will be setting up “home and away” events to create some north-south PA rivalry. Check us out as we strive to grow into a premium game store experience in every way!
Griffons Lair Pittsburgh, LLC

2014 - C Babcock Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15209

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SOUTHERLY expansion
Store Hours MON-TUE: 4-10pm WED Closed THU-FRI: 4-10pm SAT: 12-10pm SUN: 12-6pm
The Pittsburgh location is well supported by Courtney, Andy and Josh. We have demos of various games, painting classes, commission painting and more. The game room has more tables and we are expanding our terrain options and more tables are underway. While we still have some tasks to complete throughout the store, it is fully open with over 1000 square feet of retail space and over 2000 square feet of gaming space. Come down and check us out!
Griffons Lair stocks all the Games Workshop product lines, Warlord Games, Battlefront (Team Yankee and Flames of War), Marvel Crisis Protocol, Song of Ice & Fire, BattleTech, Star Wars Legion, X-wing & Armada, Firelock (Blood & Plunder), Infinity, Conquest, FreeBlades and more. Our paint lines currently include Citadel, Army Painter, Vallejo, Pro Acryl and Two Thin Coats. There’s a wide range of basing materials and supplies to cover any hobby needs you might have. We stock RPG miniatures and a wide range of RPG rules and accessories. Plus we import a number of international manufacturers with cool products. Griffons Lair is truly a one-stop shop.